Reflections of Echo Lake

Echo Lake is an annual event that started in 1999 in Bucks County, PA with Dave Hardy, Mark Sfirri and Bil Sticker planning and coordinating the event. The name is in recognition of the model for collaborative creative events, “Emma Lake,” a biennial event in Saskatchewan, founded by artist Michael Hosaluk. The objective at Echo Lake is to bring together a diverse group of artists for several days with few expectations other than people working collaboratively and creatively to make things. New skills and new friends evolve during these intense days together. A fundraising auction at the end of the annual event offers for sale all the pieces made during the event and offsets the associated expenses.

Echo Lake XII took place this past week from June 2nd – June 5th, 2010.  For many years now, its been the traditional ice breaking event for the ITE residents to get to know each other.  Many thanks once again to Joe Seltzer and the entire staff at Bucks County Community College for hosting such a wonderful program!

Collaboration is a key element in the works of art produced in just a few days at the Echo Lake Conferences. Irene Grafert (left) works with fellow echo lake participants to produce art that was later sold at auction to benefit Echo Lake and Scholarships to Bucks County Community College

Derek Weidman

Jay Heryet

Leah Woods (left), an ITE 2009 alum, works with Steve to produce "Steak & Cheese".

Wonjoo Park lays out a concept for a piece shes already thinking of producing this summer at the ITE.

Irene Grafert

Luc DeRoo and Wonjoo Park

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