Days 27-28: Dull boys … not

Days 27-28 of the 2013 ITE, Saturday June 29, Sunday June 30. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and lest you imagine that all we do around here is toil in the studio, guess again. Today’s choice pix will reveal some of the amusements available here in Philadelphia’s theater district, along with some long views of our UArts environment.  Continue reading

Day 24: New directions

ITE Day 24, Wednesday June 26 2013. There’s a lot of repetitive work in craft practice, doing the same thing over and over again to achieve the desired result. It’s not always easy for the observer to see progress, as you may feel if you have been following this daily blog, which on some days feels more like a slog.  Continue reading

neil turner

What a whirl wind few weeks, to see so many galleries and visit collectors was a very humbling experience. I’ve had time to reflect on all that I have seen and experienced, for me meeting the collectors and seeing their collections was truly amazing. To see pieces in the flesh instead of books, sensational. View pieces from Western Australian artists was a pleasant surprise. Continue reading

Day 21: Visitors

Slow around here on this steamy Sunday, June 23 2013, until the middle of the afternoon when Albert LeCoff arrives with two visiting dignitaries in tow. The visitors are Terry Martin, the noted journalist, turner and curator from Australia, and Eli Scearce, a teacher and long-time friend of the International Turning Exchange. Continue reading

Day 19: first critique

It’s Friday June 21, Day 19 of the 2013 ITE, and we’ve all been hacking away in the workshop all week. Late in the afternoon we agree to down tools, show our work to one another, and try our first group discussion. Nobody is looking for a slashing critique, at the same time we would each like to explain what we are trying to do, in exchange for some affirmation and some helpful commentary. Continue reading

Day 18: The blackboard knows

Gaynor Dowling’s under the weather with something she caught traveling, so Malcolm Martin is working alone in the UArts shop today, Thursday June 20, 2013. Well not alone, besides me Ben Carpenter is wailing away with his chain saw in the big, sunlight turning room across the hall, and Continue reading


Collaboration is at the heart of our work together, at the heart of ‘Martin and Dowling’. But it’s a funny word, which presumably just means ‘working with’. There’s the idea on the ITE that it’s going to mean a lot of ‘joint’ pieces, but as Albert pointed out on the first day, it can equally mean looking at what’s going on, or listening to each other. Continue reading

Echo Lake reflections

Here’s Lady Macbeth being made, the project and process my wife, Tina Fruchter, and I went through during the Echo Lake conference. This was our first collaborative workshop woodworking event, and also our first workshop collaboration together. We learned a lot on several fronts, and I’ll step out from behind the camera to share with you in this post. Continue reading