country mouse in the city

Hi its Ben,
I’m sitting in front of starbucks between my dorm room at Uarts and our workshop. It’s rush hour and there is a lot going on here on broad street downtown philadelphia. Yesterday we ITE people returned from a trip to visit museums and collectors in the washington d.c. area. It was a great trip and we returned with a van full of wood donated by Phil Brown. Spalted maple burl, osage orange, two types of pear, walnut, cherry, boxwood, chinese chestnut. I love wood and therefore what we had in the back of the van might as well have been treasure. But it’s better than treasure because you can actually do something fun with it. I turned a bowl for Gaynor today from the chestnut and it had an interesting smell to it. She plans to carve it. Before I started turning, I worked for many hours to bring my turning station into order. I am particular about my station. Everything has to be just so or I feel like I’m wasting my time. The spalted maple called out to me next. It shouted CARVE ME louder than the pear and who am I to disagree? Electric chainsaw followed by arbortech on the angle grinder full protective gear on great natural light hot and sweaty and dusty until the sculpture was mostly done and I gave my self a headache. Meanwhile, the shop is full of activity all six cylinders running Jay, John, Malcolm, Gaynor, Neil and Ben all doing their thing with wood. Albert visited us to make sure we were on track. For me it’s exciting to be surrounded by so much activity. I left the studio hungry to continue expressing myself with tools on wood but I know a balance will keep me going in the long run so I’m off to the climbing gym to expend the rest of my energy for the day. Looking forward to another great day in the shop tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “country mouse in the city

  1. Hi Ben,
    You were at the right place to get wood. Phil always has the best wood! I am glad you are getting the chance to be creative again! I look forward to see what you come up with!

  2. BUNNU!
    It’s nice hearing about your day. I look forward to reading more about your future woodworking adventures in Philadelphia. Keep it up, it will be fun to read these entries a few years from now.

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