Collaboration is at the heart of our work together, at the heart of ‘Martin and Dowling’. But it’s a funny word, which presumably just means ‘working with’. There’s the idea on the ITE that it’s going to mean a lot of ‘joint’ pieces, but as Albert pointed out on the first day, it can equally mean looking at what’s going on, or listening to each other. key-they-sew

Back home, we collaborate with each other every day in the workshop, and for us it’s been really interesting trying out different, and looser, ways of working with each other on the range of projects we have already started here. And then there’s the woodshop itself, far better equipped and stocked than ours at home has any need to be. Do we just get on and do our thing, or take advantage of new possibilities?

Well, we are working with plywood and veneer as new materials for carving and manipulation, and working with the machines to get the kind of straight cuts we never normally use. And we are working with Jay Cox, our excellent shop head, to help guide us through these new possibilities.

All this feels like collaboration, as well as the joint pieces with the other ITEers, which are coming on as well…

Gaynor and Malcolm

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