Nakashima and Esherick

Since starting the ITE I have experienced some wonderful moments, however to visit two of the most influential wood worker/ furniture makers places of work was a very sobering experience. They in themselves were very different, but had the common thread, their places of work were very personalised, each to his own. I’m not qualified to extol the virtues of either maker but these are my thoughts.
I thought Nakashima’s work had wonderful simplicity, when the wood had a strong voice you were drawn to the beauty of the timber first, then the shape, then the joinery. He was mindful that his voice complimented the voice of the wood and did not over power it. He is a master at achieving a very elusive balance, knowing when to raise his voice and when to temper it. I can understand how he was able to do this by creating a work environment that he felt at one with the land.
Esherick too, seemed to have this wonderful relationship with his work environment as well.His dwelling was architecturally outstanding with subtle curves and slightly off set uprights. Inside was a proliferation of incredible furniture and sculpture. I thought the way he designed furniture to utilise a space was outstanding. He must have felt very relaxed and at peace with his environment.
To say that one was overwhelmed by both visits would be an understatement, so much to take in, to the point of over load. A rare pleasure that I will remember all my days.

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