Meet the Family….

The Allturnatives show..lookig over our worktable into the gallery space.

The Allturnatives show..looking over our worktable into the gallery space.

Friday and Saturday just gone we had a busy time. Our debrief meeting with Albert, followed by meeting the Acquisitions Committee, First Friday Opening, invitation to supper after, and the open Gallery Discussion. And we had spent all Tuesday in the gallery arranging pedestals, work-table and pieces for the Allturnatives exhibit.

We were really delighted with the results, the layout with the worktable covered with maquettes, trial pieces and sketchbook drawings, leading into the gallery space. We only managed to get this one picture, because there were simply too many interested and interesting people to talk to…

So, it’s over this weekend that we found out what really makes the Center for Art in Wood so special.

For a start, seeing its mission in action: First Friday here was really different from a commercial gallery, as education was totally to the fore, welcoming everyone to come and look, to talk, to come again. To share with us some of the incredible education we having been getting from the unique ITE experience.

And so we talked and talked, getting to know more of the extended family that is the real core of the Center. Long time supporters, new patrons, staff, volunteers. So many people who play an essential part. For some old friends this has been seeing the Center’s new home with its fantastic spaces and hip location for the first time.  All agree what a unique place the Center is, but that it is this sense of family that makes it unique.

And at the Center’s center, so to speak, stands Albert, its real heart, without whom none of this would exist. It’s been very special becoming a part of this family, and to get to call Albert a friend. So thanks again to all of you who’ve been a part of this journey.


Malcolm and Gaynor

The last call

As the dust finally settles on the lathe I thought it would be a good time to reflect on my ITE experience. It has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to explore some new ideas and techniques and develop existing work . To enter collectors home’s and see pieces that I had only seen in books, magazines and internet, for me was  very special, I thank you . To visit galleries and be inspired by wood artists, past and present was a moving experience. To see furniture and turning by legendary makers for me was profound.

I’ve enjoyed the many pleasures the city of Philadelphia has had on offer, restaurant’s, theatre, history and warm friendly people.

To work with like minded artisan at any time is very inspiring but to spend eight weeks learning and exchanging ideas in a workshop environment makes it very rewarding.

The staff at Uarts and The Centre for Art in Wood have been more than helpful and obliging.

I need to thank John Kelsey for his organisational skills, he set out a timetable to provide us with a clear understanding of what was happening  for the week and weeks ahead. But made us all participate in organising some of the events. The blog has provided a daily insight into activities at the workshop and various journeys we have taken.

I want to thank Malcolm, Gaynor, Ben and Heather for sharing their knowledge, skills and friendship.

Albert and Tina must be thanked above all for maintaining their enthusiasm for the ITE over such a long period of time.  The vision to create an environment  for artists from  around the world, without the pressure of making a living, place them in a workshop situation for 8 weeks, allow them to interact and develop ideas they would not normally explore.  

It seems that over the eight weeks I have received much and given a small token in return. I trust that one day I will be able to return the faith that was placed in my selection to attend the ITE.