Echo Lake – The Auction Pieces

The 17th Annual Echo Lake Auction was an overwhelming success earning $17,000 – $2,000 more than last year’s auction – thanks to contributions from the ITE fellows and 57 turners and wood artists from around the country and different parts of the world. Pictured below are some of the ITE fellows’ auction pieces.




Australian wood artist Grant Vaughan and Romanian wood carver Zina Burloiu collaborated to create the “Transylvanian Flying Spoon” piece. It was cut, sanded and carved.


Seattle wood artist Julia Harrison created the middle bubble bracelet by burning into the wood.




Zina Burloiu created the spoon “Sweet Dream”, letter opener “First Try” and “Soft Triangles” bracelet with friend and co-collaborator Norm Sartorius.


New York artist Rex Kalehoff created this whimsical creature with a wonderful music box in its tail and wheels on its bottom that allows it roll.

Photo credits: Tom Buchner

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