Orientation to Wood Studio

Except for scholar, Merryll Saylan who will join us in July, the 2016 Windgate ITE residents are settling into the University of the Arts wood studio. Added to the mix is UArts student Rebecca Kolodziejczak. Welcome Rebecca!

Today we will unpack tools and supplies we brought with and start to work. The machines await our use ….. including a pink bandsaw!


Indeed, a “work in progress!”


Shop Supervisor Tara Inman-Bellofatto, who oversees this tidy space and all who enter and work here, also maintains the machines so they are in excellent working condition. Her professional, positive orientation comments made us feel welcome.


The workbench rooms won’t look like this for very long.



Clamps in the corner and all our subjects lined up, ready for use.


The pink bandsaw!

Now I’m headed to the shop to stow MY tools and supplies. –Betty J. Scarpino, Photojournalist



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