Studio visits with David Ellsworth and Michael Kehs

In this post, we revisit the group’s field trip to the homes and studios of Michael Kehs and David and Wendy Ellsworth.


The grand staircase at David and Wendy Ellsworth’s.


Above the grand staircase, a stained glass window.


A reverse angle shot, looking up the grand staircase, with the top of David’s head in the foreground (oops!).


Megan and Anastasia on the couch at David’s.  Glass objects in the foreground and turned wood objects behind.


The desk in Wendy’s studio, where she produces her beadworks.


David’s studio.  The sunlight filtering through the foliage bathes everything in an eldritch green.


David addressing the group in his studio.  I was amazed at the care with which his many lathes were maintained.  They were clearly well loved and well used, but they were also immaculate!


Upstairs in the former snooker room, a selection of turned bowls and windows.  This shot and the next are of particular interest to ITE 2017 Fellow Megan McGlynn due to the confluence of natural and artificial light.



Another green room!


David calls Michael Kehs to let him know we’re coming.


Max and Michael load a walnut burl into the ITE van.


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