2017 Windgate ITE Residency Conclusive Blog Post!

I returned home to New York City this past August with four rolls of film I didn’t have the chance to develop before I left. ┬áThe darkroom I like to use here was closed for renovations until late September, so they languished in my fridge until I was finally able to do something with them. ┬áThe pictures are from our trip to Wharton Esherick’s studio, museum, and home, and also from the preview and opening night of our show at the Center, which closes in a week and a half on October 15th. If you haven’t made it there yet, what has been keeping you?

I’m truly, terribly grateful to have been able to document this year’s Windgate ITE Residency, which, as we now know, is the last one which Albert LeCoff, founder of the Center for Art in Wood, will have overseen. I’d like to congratulate him on his retirement. I know that he will continue to make outstanding contributions to the field and the wood art community.

Here, without further comment or wiseacre captions, are the pictures: