Second Week of ITE 2018

Our second week started with our weekly meeting followed by a group clean-up session.



The second half of the week we headed to DC. This trip was filled with amazing and an overwhelming amount of incredible art as we visited private art collector’s home. But first, we stopped at Barbara and Phil’s home.


Jack and Jong-rye in Barbara’s lovely kitchen.


Janine ecstatic by all the turned wood at Barbara and Phil’s.


Vivian, Janine, and Jong-rye in Barbra and Phil’s living room.


Jack, Michael, Barbara, and Phil.


Some of us were having a difficult morning…


While others were practicing their food photography skills.

Some photos from our visit to the collector’s homes:




There was an extensive amount of conversation about corn.


Too much excitement over the desert and a dumbwaiter…


Jack and Morgan.


A smiling Morgan.


You can always sit with us.


Excuse me.


Naava and the ITE gather around for story time with Jeff.


Dinner time with Jeff and Judy.

Quotes of the Week:

“We played this game where one person would compliment you for five minutes without responding. That would send me to the hospital”

“It won’t bite. Well I guess we will see”

“She forgot to sign it. It’s not too late, anyone got a magic marker?’

“Are you being depressing again, we have company”

Looks at cookbook “It says many Americans aren’t familiar”

“I am doing nothing” Continues to vacuum



That’s a wrap for this week!

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