Third Week at ITE 2018

Some of the ITE Fellows were inspired by a dinner conversation about corn and decided to turn some.  Check out the video below:

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Turning dinner. #corn #windgateite2018 @centerforartinwood

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Here is a very blurry photo of Vivian Jack, and Cristina playing Settlers of Catan. Vivian won…


Vivian and Janine wondering the status and smell of the wood that was left in the car for over a week.


IMG_3821.JPG                 IMG_3817.JPG

Morgan safely burning her cut pieces of wood.


Jong-rye working hard.


A collection of shoes we call ” The ITE shoes”

Tamarez_CristinaAA015-7Vivian shaving down her wood piece.


I think Morgan was cleaning…


Morgan in her room.


Jong-rye and Micheal discussing wood.


Michael working the machine.


Morgan discovering the wood is too wet.


A hesitant Jack smiling for the camera.

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