An Assortment of the Fourth Week at ITE

Mike and Janine_

Janine and Michael exchanging some words.


Seán, Janine, Michael, Jack, Jong-rye, Navva, and Mark at the Wharton Esherick.

rye (2)

Jong-rye at the deck at Wharton Esherick deck.

mike and sean_

Michael and Seán: the start of a beautiful friendship.

janine brian rye (2)janine brian rye

Janine, Brian, and Jong-rye.


Oh! did I not introduce Seán, our scholar…


Janine looking her best.

000B (2)

Janine working at her best.


Vivian Cristina, Morgan, Jong-rye, Michael, and Seán enjoying Philly’s last Bastille day.


Jong-rye, Cristina, and Morgan patiently waiting for their food to appear.


Vivian, Michael, and an unsuspected Seán.

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